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4 Moral Messages in 5 Cm Film


Film is a staging of a work that combines many kinds of art in it. The neat collaboration of the art of music, acting, fashion, and so on can give birth to a monumental film. Through films we can deliver thousands of messages, through films we can educate thousands of people, but through films we can also damage thousands of people. Then where is the location or position of Indonesian cinema?

Rethinking film in the country, we can be proud of the emergence of many qualified young filmmakers. The combination of crazy new ideas from young or veteran filmmakers is increasingly fulfilling a row of Indonesian films. Exploration in adopting mainstream themes has become a challenge for the film industry in the country. Among thousands of lists of films in the country, we must support and promote films that try to present the beauty of Indonesia that is still veiled. Given the film, we can help Indonesia to rise and advance in several fields such as education, economics, tourism, and so on. read more