Interesting Facts Behind Films Verses of Love 2

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Maybe we are already familiar with one of Indonesia’s booming films in 2017. One of the films that inspired many women is especially Indonesian film lovers, so it’s no wonder to hear the names of verses of love. This love verse film has two versions, for the first version it has been well implemented several years ago.

The cast of the first verses of love is Rianti, Fedi Nuril, Clarissa Putri and other actors. but for the second version it might be a bit different from the first one. In the second version there is Sandra Dewi, Chelsea Islan, Fedi Nuril, Tatjaha Saphira and other actors. but even so, the story is no less interesting with the first time story with Rianti.

There are even interesting facts behind the love 2 verses. and these facts, among others, are, Interesting facts behind the love verse 2 films, namely:

1. The verses of love are played by famous artists

Not to be outdone by the verses of first love, in this second version one of the directors named Hanung Bramastio presented players who had undergone many good films. So do not be surprised if the ranking of this film is the highest in 2017. Because the cast and the storyline are so interesting that everyone wants to see it.

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Not only that, Indonesian film lovers are very touched by the scenes and roles exhibited by all players. This is indeed the director’s goal to make everyone able to enjoy the story, so they can take the lessons given through the story.

2. Describe Scottish beauty

If in the first verses of love take place in the country of Egypt, then for the second version then use a different place which is in the country of Scotland. By using the place, this film is accidentally also like describing the beauty of the place in Scotland.

3. Published in several countries

It turns out that the love verse 2 films are not only aired in Indonesia but also in several countries, for example in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Of course this will be our pride as Indonesian citizens. Because our films can penetrate to other countries.

4. Many lessons can be taken

In the movie love verses 2, there are many things that we can take, such as diversity that is interwoven, mutual respect, and a deep meaning of love.

5. Religious genre If we see it is true that these love verses are more directed towards the religious genre. Because there are many things that we can take in the story such as respecting a religion and loving someone in the right way. Everything is well regulated as our religion teaches.

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