4 Moral Messages in 5 Cm Film

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Film is a staging of a work that combines many kinds of art in it. The neat collaboration of the art of music, acting, fashion, and so on can give birth to a monumental film. Through films we can deliver thousands of messages, through films we can educate thousands of people, but through films we can also damage thousands of people. Then where is the location or position of Indonesian cinema?

Rethinking film in the country, we can be proud of the emergence of many qualified young filmmakers. The combination of crazy new ideas from young or veteran filmmakers is increasingly fulfilling a row of Indonesian films. Exploration in adopting mainstream themes has become a challenge for the film industry in the country. Among thousands of lists of films in the country, we must support and promote films that try to present the beauty of Indonesia that is still veiled. Given the film, we can help Indonesia to rise and advance in several fields such as education, economics, tourism, and so on.

Talking about national films, one of the nation’s films that is quite proud of Indonesia is the 5 CM film. The presence of 5 CM films in the film industry is very coloring the series of films with the genre of nationalism. Who hasn’t watched 5 CM? Who hasn’t watched, immediately watch this film immediately. Because this film is very and super worth watching by all people. And those who have watched will definitely not regret this film. Because the storyline is interesting and not boring, it really makes us feel at home. At a glance info, here are some moral messages that we can learn from this film:


This film tells the story of five friends who are of different character and nature. There is the poet Zafran, the wise Genta, the athletic shy Arial, the fat Ian, and the smart, beautiful Riani. The uniqueness that is owned by each character as well as their loyalty to fellow friends, making their friendship can last long lasting. The ridiculous excitement, they continue to present in order to eliminate the feeling of “saturation” in their friendship, one of which is the decision not to communicate with each other for 3 months. And the biggest great decision of their lives that will always remain in their memories to old age is the journey to climb Semeru Peak, East Java. Well friends, can we not decide to not communicate with our beloved friends for 3 months?


The five nationalist scenes were recorded from the beginning of exploration to Semeru Peak, the highest peak in East Java. Epic hustle and bustle around the terminal, crowds in the train cars, and in the end the excitement of nature and the atmosphere of the ascent that is completely different from the atmosphere of the capital is exposed so clearly. They can treat the beautiful stretch of Indonesia’s wild and virgin nature with their struggles. In this film, it is clearly illustrated how our earth of Garuda is laid out beautifully under the blue sky. It is indeed a copyrighted work that we must be grateful for. And their great ideals were answered by the Almighty, raising the Red and White on the highest peak of Java, precisely on the day of Indonesian Independence on August 17. Climbing is not only about conquering altitude, it is not only about prestige and strength, it is not just a community, but climbing is how we are grateful for God’s creative work while opening Indonesia’s beauty which is still wrapped in the eyes of the world.

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It’s normal for friendship to grow in the seeds of love that is not realized. But what is unique about this film is how they wrap the love so as not to damage their friendship. A unique poetic Zafran loves Arial’s sister, but on the one hand beautiful Riani harbored her love for Zafra her best friend. The climax of their love erupts when Genta expresses her sincere feelings towards Riani who has long been buried. But on the one hand, the person Riani hopes for is not Genta but the poetic Zafran. Finally that night, the night at the summit of Semeru, a pair of human children realized each other and encouraged each other. Then what is the end of their love story? Peak Semeru who became a silent witness to the love of a pair of human children.


The struggle … This film is full of the meaning of guys struggle. Each of us is born with different talents. This is the safekeeping of the Almighty God. It’s up to us to develop it or even kill it. Everyone must have obstacles with their respective talents. Sometimes we have to get out of each comfort zone so that it can grow and grow. Film 5 CM teaches us that sometimes comfort with friends or the people we love makes us afraid to go further, fear of failure, and even more afraid to separate. Now they have to get out of their comfort zone of friendship to realize their dreams. Si Ian, who has gone to college for 6 years, finally finished his thesis, Arial, who used to be shy when he met a woman, was finally able to conquer the idol with full of romance, Genta finally able to work and build an office with a unique, friendly concept and development Other developments were also followed by Zafran and Riani.

Those are the friends of the greatness of the 5 CM film. Hopefully in the future we can be more grateful and proud to be Indonesian youth and young women. Continue to be creative by creating spectacular works.


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